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What's Pitch-a-Palooza?

What if I told you I started Palooza on a whim back in 2014 and the event has since doubled every single year? Here's how it all started...

At the end of each college season, I would reach out to multiple pitching coaches to pick their brains about what they were doing in hopes of implementing new ideas with my staff. Fresh out of forced retirement from the college game, an idea hit me while sitting in the living room. "Why don't you invite those guys to Nashville and we'll call it "Pitch-a-Palooza" Lantz?" And that's what I did and it's since its inception it's grown from 48 2014 participants in 2014 to over 700 in 2019.

The best part about Palooza isn't the star-studded lineup of America's Top Pitching Minds, it's the conversations in the hallways until 3 am and the life-long connections I've made with coaches at all levels across the country.

If you decide to join us, here's what you need to know:

  • Ego's are checked at the door.
  • Be prepared to un-learn most of what you've read, seen, and said about pitching.
  • Your name tag will display only your first name. (Nobody cares where or how long you've coached.)
  • We don't introduce ourselves as "Coach so and so" unless Coach is your real name. (If that's the case please show proof of a birth certificate at the door)

Trust what you FEEL!

Lantz Wheeler

What's The Core Velocity Bonus Night All About?

The Core Velocity Bonus Night features the latest and most innovative ways coaches around the country are creatively utilizing The Core Velocity Belt. I'll be honest, most of what is presented would never cross my mind. (If you've ever used The CVB or considered it, you can't miss this!

Keynote Speakers 

More Speakers Will Be Announced Soon!

Butch Thompson


Zach Dechant


Ben Brewster

Tread Athletics

Randy Sullivan

FL Baseball Armory

Scott Foxhall

Mississippi State

Ethan Katz

Emily Ferree

Movement First

Gary Trottier

East Coast Evo

Eugene Bleecker

108 Performance 

Nunzio Signore

Rockland Peak Performance

Gabe Ribas

Bhrett McCabe

Sports Psychologist

Jerry Weinstein

Regan Wareham

S10 Fitness

Hunter Bledsoe

Bledsoe Agency

Fumi Isshiki

Japan Olympic PT

Fred Corral

Pitching Coach & Consultant

Justin Robichaux

Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns

#Palooza21 Schedule of Events

Core Velocity Bonus Night

Thursday, December 2nd - 5pm-9pm

Next Level Baseball Facility, Nashville, TN - Speakers TBA


The Main Event December 3-5th will be held at Battle Ground Academy, Franklin, TN


#Palooza21 Main Event - Day 1

Friday, December 3rd - 6pm - 10pm


#Palooza21 Main Event - Day 2

Sponsored Breakfast/Coffee TBA - 8AM

Saturday, December 4 -

9am - 12pm (Session 1)

Lunch Break

2:00 pm - 7pm (Session 2)

Dinner Break

Hot Stove Pitching Session (Session 3) 9pm - Midnight


#Palooza21 Main Event - Day 3

Sunday, December 5th 9 am- 1pm


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Event Pass $399

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