Palooza17 Returning Starters

Kyle Boddy

Paul Nyman

Bobby Tewksbary

Butch Thompson 

Dr. Allen Sills 

Hunter Bledsoe

Mike Reinold

James Ogden

Scott Lando 

Dr. Stephen Osterer

Rick Strickland

Matt Morse

New Guys On The Block

Matt Deggs - Head Coach Sam Houston

Jeff Passan - Author "The Arm"

Paul Reddick - Reddick Baseball

Ben Brewster- Tread Athletics

Steve Englishbey Englishbey Hitting

Evan Lewis - Premier Neurotherapy

Eugene Bleeker - 108 Performance

Ryan Parker- Baseball Prospectus

Robert Woodard - UNC

*5 Meals Included With Your Registration- FREE!*

*Added Bonus: 25 Presenters versus 17*

All of this for only $349 ($449 with the Bonus Night)

Here's What's New This Year...

What's New?

1. FREE Food... 5 Meals included with admission 2. 25 Speakers versus the previous max of 17 3. FREE Shuttle Service available to those of you electing to stay at the Official Hotel - Marriott Cool Springs 4. Hotel Buddy Board - Find a roommate (at your own risk, lol)]

I'll post a google form where you can leave your name and number for other coaches to help cut down on hotel expenses. 

FREE FOOD: (5 meals total)

1. Dinner will be served during registration starting at 4 pm on Friday and closing down at 5:45. 2. Breakfast will be sponsored on Saturday, Lunch served in the cafeteria as well as Dinner on Saturday night. 3. Breakfast will be provided on Sunday. 

Say No to Rental Cars: A shuttle service will be provided from the Marriott Hotel only. (If you book another hotel, most have them.)  

A Note from the Founder of Palooza...

Hey guys...

This year will be the biggest Palooza since it's inception 5 years ago. Now, I'm not asking everyone to grow a mustache. In fact, I'm not asking anyone. Just thought it was a cool pic. 

Here's the Palooza Rules: 

  • No Sweater Vests
  • No Camera's
  • No dropping the "Coach Bomb" unless you have Birth Certificate proving your first name is officially "Coach"

Can't wait until December, it's going to be awesome. 

Trust what you FEEL! 

Last thing... Share this page while you're here!



Bonus: The Core Velocity Belt Master Class & Workshop


Registration: 4:00-5:45 - Dinner Served - 6:00: Opening Ceremony


Saturday: 8am-12 - Lunch Served - 3pm-8pm Clinics


Happy Hour Hot Stove - Drink FREE Beer - Ask Questions - Spark Discussions -Drink More FREE Beer


Sunday - Ends at 2 pm

Hotel & Event Location

Where Will Palooza17 Be?

Battle Ground Academy

336 Ernest Rice Ln.

Franklin, TN 37069

Where should I get a hotel room?

Marriott Cool Springs

$139 Night 

Become A Sponsor 

Be A Part of The #1 Coaches Clinic in America  

"I've told every coach I know... This is The #1 Coaching Clinic In America!" Butch Thompson/Auburn

Can't Make It This Year? 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does the $299 price last?

The first 50 people who purchase get this great deal. After that, the price will go up. This promotion has expired. Make sure to purchase your ticket early next year.

2. What if I'm paying by PO? (Purchase Order)

Easy. Shoot Lorie Hickman an email at and let her know:

1. Your Name 2. School 3. # of Event Tickets (Names of coaches) 4. # of Bonus Night Passes 5. Tax ID # if you have it

3. Do I get a discount for multiple coaches and do I need a promo code?

* Yes, you will get a 5% discount on 2 tickets or more. * And you will receive 2 FREE DVD's when purchasing 5 or more Event Tickets * No promo code needed.  

Trust what you FEEL!